Friday, February 11, 2011

Pantai Kelambu - a natural hidden beauty :)

 I am a sabahan who had never step a foot on any island in Sabah, well that is not exactly truth since Sabah is part of an island, Borneo Island... Hahaha... Anyway, everytime I make plans to visit the beautiful islands surrounding Sabah, the weather is never right, it's either too hot or raining cats and dogs.. sigh! Well this time despite the bad weather, I manage to be on one very small island, it's about a hundred meters from the shore of Pantai Kelambu and it's connected by a tombolo. When the tide is high it become an island, some people will go diving around it although I heard that there's not many fishes to see. I dunno, I haven't try diving, perhaps one day I will... If I can still swim, I seems to have forgotten how to but I do have a natural talent for drowning tho... hahah!

Even on cloudy and rainy day, Pantai Kelambu still manages to give me beautiful shots. Imagine how this place looks like on a beautiful sunny day... If you want to get there, the beach is located about 35 kilometers of Kudat town. You will need a local map or guides to get here since the road signs are poor, you might end up getting lost as we did. Good thing is, the locals are friendly and helpful. At the split road points towards Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, go straight ahead and you will find yourself driving on a gravel road. On the way, you can see some traditional Rungus houses and old traditional houses of the oldest Chinese village.

 Despite the cloudy, windy and rainy day I still enjoy walking along the beach at Pantai Kelambu, Nearby is Kudat Riviera, a property for the rich and famous. It is owned by Touchdown  World Tour Group Company based in UK. Kudat Riviera is a private luxury villa residencies which is off limit to public, one lot or one property is up for sale or rent just like in Mauritius or other Caribbean island with starting price of USD 1 million. Rumors saying that the Malaysian's tycoon Robert Kwok and the famous Jackie Chan owned a property here... Really?!!

Oooh look!!! Aren’t that Jackie Chan and his assistant having a little adventure around the island? Heh!! Just kidding, that's my brother and the girl just happens to be there. She stood there for a few minutes as if waiting for my brother. Maybe she thought my brother was Jackie?! Hahahaha....

Yah and kak Liau at Pantai Kelambu with Pulau Kelambu at the background. They spent the whole time walking along the beach collecting seashells, wonder if they still have it.. Lol. Yah said she dreams to open her own homestay one day. I'm sure it will be a great adventure staying at her homestay, Yah and her husband Chal are great host guaranteed.

Beautiful seashells, the kids are having the most fun collecting these. It came in various size, colors and shape. When I was a kid, our home used to have seashell-hanging curtain on doorways. I have a love hate relationship with it because it really hurts when it hit my face but it's so pretty at the same time.

Legend said, that scary looking creature was once the king of the island, but he was so arrogant that he killed his own pride to have all the fishes for himself. One day, a man went fishing near the island; this infuriates the beastly king so it went to attack the man. Turn out this man is a powerful shaman, he demanded that the beast to bow and ask forgiveness but the beast was so arrogant. So the man cursed him into stone... it will come alive when the tide is high during the full moon, it will continue crawling searching for the shaman to forgive him... just kidding hahahaaa!!! I just made that up, anyway no one seems to notice this wonderful thing among the rocks, everybody just keep passing by without even looking. Well since I am the one who found him I'll name him Buaya Tanggang.. Lol. Well, obviously no such legend exist but it would be hell scary to find him on the seabed while diving here!!!

While Pantai Kelambu is a beautiful white sandy beach, the place has no other facilities except the two pavilions and barbecue pit. There's a public restroom nearby. A short walk back down the road you came from and you'll find some houses and a wooden booth selling sweets and local fruits, the restroom is just behind it.

I wonder who manage the cleanliness of this public area since thrash can be seen lying around the pavilions. Perhaps left by inconsiderate irresponsible visitors. I see some thrash near the multi-million dollar villas back exit to the beach as well, hmmm..... Should I make a call to Karam Singh Walia? hehehe...  So if you plan to visit, please CLEAN after your mess BEFORE you leave. Don't throw anything into the sea especially plastic bag. Do you know that thousands of sea turtles dies every year caused by marine plastic thrash?

My rating  : 6/10. The place has great potential, too bad it's overlooked by authorities. They should maintain the place, build a better public restroom and showers. I don't mind paying as long as it is at a reasonable price and the place kept clean.  Provide thrash can please, I couldn't seems to find anywhere...

Well, that's it for today, hope you enjoy my ramblings. Hopefully I will be back here when the weather is fine so I can take loooooooooots of beautiful pictures. Will try to write more of my adventures with lots of photographs! Till then, adios~


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